Mrs Tiff creatively

Friday, December 31, 2010

~ On Holidays! ~

Can you guess where I am?

Yes! Melbourne!

I just love this city......

This is the pier at St Kilda.....

and who can walk past the cake shops 
in Acland St?????

We are having a great time!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

~ Very Merry ~

We had the most beautiful
Christmas day....

 our gifts were under the tree ready....

even the dogs had special treats....

and we admired the beautiful table
that my sister (in law)
had set....

we all felt very festive,
despite the continuing rain....

the turkey was cooking to perfection....

the gifts were gorgeous.....

and the children were totally spoiled....

one new watch ...
and then they were all matching...

Mr Tiff got busy with the carving...

and he carved with such culinary skill....

all that was needed was the 
delicious roasted vegetables...

before the candles were lit.....

and we had our
scrumptious Christmas lunch....

Thanks so much
Deb & Rich, 
for hosting Christmas,
your thoughtful gifts,
 & your hospitality.
which made our 
day so very special.....


Friday, December 24, 2010

~ Merry Christmas Everyone! ~

Have a lovely Christmas Day .....

filled with love, laughter, treats,
family, friends and happy moments!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

~ Oil Cloth Placemat Play Mat & Apron! ~

I have been a busy little elf....

I have made my sister 
a special gift....and I know she won't 
read this and spoil her surprise 
because she it too little!!!!

I was so excited to finish this
gift because I wanted to 
make one of these mats ever 
since I first saw them on a
 blog a long while back....

you can also buy them on etsy....

I would have loved one of these 
mats for my kids when they were little,
to take out to cafes and restaurants....

actually (despite their age)
both of my children said 
they wanted me to 
make one each for them too!

It is so handy the way it rolls up....
so easy to take out!

I think this would make an excellent gift
for my next baby shower too!

I had extra fabric 
so I made an apron as well....

complete with a cute chalk cloth
pocket & flower button!

I used the off cuts 
to make little storage baskets.....

also with chalk cloth tags 
to write the contents on!

 I'll show you the hanging
storage bag I made too!

I've made these in other 
fabric and they are lovely...
but I can't show you yet 
as it may spoil someone's surprise!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

~ Felt Union Jack Cushions ~

It is a time for giving....
so I have made some special 
gifts for some of my family ....

my in-laws are originally 
from England and had 
expressed a liking for my 
Union Jack cushions....

so pretty pastels with a 
special chiffon flower for Auntie....

& for Nanna, 
(she has browns & whites in her home)
 the colours for her are softly faded caramel, 
fawn and pretty pink....

don't those colours perfectly match
a fading hydrangea ????

actually they look very nice in my bedroom too....

I wasn't sure about the 
felt fabric when I first had 
the idea to make these cushions....
but they turned out so soft and pretty....
 now I can't get out the door 
quick enough to go and buy more supplies!!!

I am going to have to make some more!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

~ Felt Heart Christmas Decoration ~

I love using felt 
for little projects....
it doesn't fray so it is perfect
for things you don't want to hem....

I bought some printed 
felt a little while back,
and it has several different 
printed panels that you cut up....

this post card sized piece 
looked Christmassy
so I thought I'd make a decoration....

first I traced my heart 
shape onto the felt 
using grey lead pencil....

then I pinned a piece 
of cream felt to the back.
I cut the v part of the heart
to poke in some ribbon,
but left the rest...

I sewed around my seam, 
leaving a small gap to 
poke stuffing in through.
I used a pencil to 
push the stuffing right in evenly...

After stuffing I sewed 
the small gap closed.
I chose to cut around the edges 
last so that both pieces of felt
ended up exactly the same size.

Lastly, I chose a pretty button
to sew on the base of the ribbon.

I hung it on my tree,
and it looks lovely!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

~ Pretty Tulle Wreath ~

I just love finding new & wonderful ideas 
that people are kind enough to share....

I saw this fantastic tutorial 
on how to make a linen wreath HERE
posted by Jenni at Beautiful Nest....
she made a gorgeous linen version,
but I didn't have any linen .....

so I thought I'd try it 
using some pretty cream tulle....

it worked out perfectly!!!!

The only thing I did differently 
to Jenni was to paint my wire 
first with white enamel,
(because I thought the wire 
might show through the tulle)
and to get the fluffiness,
I made really small gathers ....
also I twisted the 
strips of tulle around the wire
as I threaded.....

I tied it with a festive 
red & white stripe 
ribbon to finish it off 
and I hung a pretty bird ornament
from the middle....
I just love it!


Monday, December 13, 2010

~ Chicken Wire Christmas Star Project ~

This is a fun & easy project...

first sketch your star shape on some scrap paper.

then bend one end of your wire into a loop.

Next gently shape the wire
according to your pattern.
You may need to 
hold it down with 
something heavy if you 
wire has been stored coiled.

Once you have completed the star 
shape poke the wire through
the look you made at the start.

After that gently press the wire closed.

Next cut your chicken wire
slightly bigger than your star.
I have nice new wire cutters
 and they cut the chicken wire like paper.
The trickiest bit is having 
the patience to gently twist
and crimp the edges of the chicken wire
around the edge of the star.
You also have to pull it a little to 
stretch it carefully as you go.
I put a heavy book on it
to help hold it in place 
as I worked around the edges.

I originally intended to use it to peg
Christmas cards on...
but it looks so nice just plain......
(just like my poor reindeer ~ 
I couldn't cover him in the end either)

I am not sure if I should hang it...

or just leave it sitting on the shelf....
I'll keep changing my mind no doubt!

I hope you get a chance
 to have a try doing this project yourself,
it is well worth the effort!