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Friday, April 30, 2010

~ Pretty Labels ~

I did some baking this morning and was going to share that today....

but I got distracted....again!

Instead I thought I'd share some ideas to make your storage and packaging look a bit prettier!

If you follow the link to the Graphics Fairy you will discover she had the BEST images of french labels. Actually that was what I was searching for when I found her blog....and I am SO thankful I did because her posts have inspired me more than I can describe!
This is how I made the labels, first I saved the images I wanted in a file in 'my pictures'. Then I inserted them into a word page and I sized them to how I wanted to print them. I used an A4 label sheet to print on, but I did modify the label sheets first.... (to make my label sheets a vintage style colour I made a strong solution of coffee in a baking tray and dipped the sheets in, one at a time, fully submerging each for a few seconds. Then I dried them in a hot fan forced oven, on another baking tray. The sticker papers then looked aged and old, but not too dark.) 
Finally I just printed my label collage sheet that I'd created in word.
After that I cut out the labels (I inked the edges on some) and I was ready to stick them on EVERYTHING!

They looked amazing on the paper mache gift boxes I had can buy these in Spotlight in packs of three in all sorts of different shapes. I added ribbon to some and they looked lovely.

My old jars got a make-over!

I loved this picture, so even though it wasn't a label, I couldn't resist using it.

Now my white button jar just looks so pretty!

So does my jar that stores my chandelier crystals (doesn't everyone have a jar for just that purpose?!)
I cut this label out to shape it and I really liked that effect.

Nothing escaped!.....this is an old wooden box I'd bought at Pricilla's Corner that holds my linen tapes...
It was so easy to do and the result is so effective, even the cellophane biscuit bag looked better with a vintage label....because they are so easy they are perfect for disposable packaging ....
my advice is give it a go!
It's great fun!