Mrs Tiff creatively

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

~ Sash Window Picture Frame ~

 I found the idea for this picture frame in a magazine some time ago and it took a little while longer before I got around to having a go...... it was SO easy really. Hinterland Salvage (in Nerang) had a selection of sash windows, but I particularly wanted a white one and I only wanted four frames ... the one I had seen was a bit different. All I had to do was clean it up with soapy water & bleach, I bleach EVERYTHING, then I gave it a dry off in the sun. After that I sanded it with my mouse sander (I'll intoduce you soon ~ its magic!) and then just a clean with a damp cloth. I attached two short screws on the back, making sure they were short enough not to come through, and a piece of wire between them to hang it. I will say though I took care to ensure that I couldn't see the wire throught the panes or at the top.
I used double sided tape to stick the photos on top of the glass, as I didn't realised the glass was tinted, (check that out if you give this a go!) but I figured that by the time the photos were distroyed I'd be sick of them anyway.....

Neat huh?