Mrs Tiff creatively

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

~ Sweet, Sweet Surprise ~

When I got to work today......who knew I was in for a big surprise?
I looked for messages .....but found a beautifully wrapped package instead...
(messages? what messages? I was immediately distracted....)

I could hardly contain my excitement......I MAY have let out a little girly squeal of delight!
(OK...I actually did.)

I tore at the beautiful package like a kiddie at Christmas! LOOK what I found!
The most divine memory game I ever did see!

The lovely smooth wooden game pieces had my initials on one side ....
and the SWEETEST forest animals on the other side!

What a sweet, sweet surprise to start my day!
I LOVE my little hand made game!
I am both delighted AND inspired!!!!!
Thanks Jac, you are SO clever and you just made my day!!!! X