Mrs Tiff creatively

Saturday, April 24, 2010

~ Telephone Table Makeover ~

 Eeewwww..... it is NOT a pretty sight... it had been in the shed for SO long I can't even remember where I bought it.... but I do know I did feel it could be beautiful.....

First I unscrewed the seat.

I undercoated it in a rust proof sealer, then I painted it my favourite colour .....Porters Oyster White.

For the top I wanted some BLING ..... so I went for a folkart metallic champagne colour ~ yummy!

Now for the seat ... yes, another fabric transfer from the Graphics Fairy..... how GREAT is that gal?!!!!

I attached it to my fabric with visafix then sewed around the edge.

I sewed and trimmed the corners (inside out not like the picture).

And stapled with my trusty staple gun.... before screwing the seat back in place.


I placed some shells and a few of my vintage glass pieces on the table....


Although my family questioned the point of a telephone table (you mean lap top table Mum?) I am delighted with it. I think I might rearrange some furniture this weekend so I can put it in the lounge.