Mrs Tiff creatively

Friday, April 16, 2010

~ Vintage stools makeover project! ~

I bought these vintage stools at Pricilla's Corner in Southport some time back, as well as some lovely black and white oilcloth. I hadn't really attempted anything with oilcloth before so I wasn't very sure how to tackle the job so I did what I always do........ did it my way! I flipped the stools and cut the cloth big enought to allow folding under the seat. I then attacked it with the staple gun! What fun! So easy too. I just made sure the fabric was firmly in place but not to tight and tucked in my corners like a parcel. It may not be the best approach but it worked well....with NO sewing at all.

Not bad!!!!!

Of course my success just encouraged me to attack another piece of furniture ...... so the footstools in the living room were next! This time I used a vinyl fabric I bought on etsy which I just LOVE. I thought I'd have a go at sewing the corners this time and it really worked out well. I flipped them and pinned the corners before sewing them firmly. Then I trimmed and again attacked with my staple gun ~ I love my staple gun ~ and the ending was a happy one!

The best thing is that these stools are TOTALLY child proof. Food, paint and all other unmentionables just wipe off.  I have found oilcloth and vinyl to be brilliant to use and I am now hooked. There are so many different fabrics on etsy ~ take a look and have a go!