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Monday, May 31, 2010

~ Gorgeous Glass! ~

I saw some glass mosaic tiles on etsy and my mind glittered with some great ideas.....

Firstly I printed some images from The Graphics Fairy and cut them to size.
It is important to say that before cutting the images, it is best to spray them with a Krylon fixative so they don't get damaged by the glue. (I got my Krylon at Spotlight.) When you use it you need to be in a well ventilated space and allow a day for the paper to dry.

I traced the tile and cut the images slightly bigger.
Next I applied some modge podge to the textured side of the glass tile and plonked it down on the image.
I let it dry overnight then I used a steel nail file to sand the edges so they were neat.

I then used a Porters (I buy the sample size) silver metallic paint to cover the entire back.  After that I sealed it with a clear water proof sealer. I really make sure I cover the edges to protect them.

I glued a necklace bail to some to make necklaces and I tried attaching one to a ring blank.  It worked, but you would have to be careful not to get it too wet when washing your hands.
I also used a photo of the children on one and it made an excellent necklace.
On some I glued a magnet... that worked really well too.

I think they would be beautiful as a scrapbooking or collage mixed media embelishment
OR just lovely to pretty up your gift wrapping!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

~ My Family Circle of Love ~

When I saw the mail yesterday I was SO excited..... family circle of love had arrived!

It came SO quickly, and it is SO beautifully made....
thank you SO much Karie!

If you want your own personalised treasure be sure to visit Karie's etsy store....

When I wore it to work today I felt I was taking the love of my family with me!

Monday, May 24, 2010

~ My Autumn Country Garden ~

My garden rambles......a lot like me I suppose.....
but is just so lovely I thought I share....

The rasberries have just started fruiting!

the basil is lush...perfect for pesto....

the pinapple sage is ready for iced tea.....
(I haven't told it that it's not summer..)

the nasturtiums are crying out to be picked for a salad....
(they don't seem to realise it's not summer either...)

the pineapple is waiting for the glorious winter sun to ripen it....

the marigolds are just happy that they are orange....

and the galangal & sweet potatoes have their heads in the gound until they are needed..
all in all
we can learn a lot from the plants...
& I realise that my garden is a very happy place to be!

Friday, May 21, 2010

~ German Die Cuts ~

I love just LOVE them!

They are one of my absolute favourites....
fantastic for art mixed media pieces, scrapbooking, collage, cards or a canvas.

They come in such an amazing range.......

vintage, victorian or whimsical.....

The best way to buy them is in someones destash.....
I have picked up combined sets in the past on ebay and etsy for a song.
The new ones are also available for a good price...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

~ What a Hoot! ~

Easy peasy owl pendant necklaces!

All you need is some inexpensive owl die cuts.....

Just trace shapes onto your favourite paper...
I used vintage music & some scrapbooking paper ...and cut out the shapes.
Next cover the owl & eyes with modge podge, place on the paper and let dry.
Once it is dry I use a metal nail file to sand the edges so they are neat.
Then I ink the edges with an appropriate colour.
Glue the eyes on to the body & place Kaisercraft rhinestones on for the centre of the eyes...
I used amber and a black colour, but they come in a HUGE range.
Finally, paint the back to seal it, then put a clear coat over the top (modge podge does the trick).
These owls can be used for anything, but I thought they'd be great necklace pendants so I used the 1mm hole punch to make a hole and attached a jewellery ring.
All I need now is a chain or ribbon to hang it from.
I think I'll also add a few silver charms.

What a hoot!!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

~ Blooming Beautiful! ~

I stepped out the front door and looked up.....

the tree dahlia is in bloom!

Monday, May 17, 2010

~ Rasberry & White Choc Cookies ~

They weren't all that pretty .... (which explains the flower!)
they WERE yummy though......

125g  butter ~ 1 cup of caster sugar ~ approx 200gms of frozen rasberries ~ 1 egg ~ dash of vanilla extract ~ 1 1/2 cups of SR flour ~  1/2 cup white choc chips

I melted the butter & added the rasberries ... to thaw them a bit.
I creamed the sugar in with this mix (un-necessarily using my new mixer...just because I could...)
Then I added the egg & vanilla, just before folding in the flour. (My mix seemed a little softer than usual so I added a couple of tablespoon of extra flour.)

Lastly I stirred in the white choc chips (a large white chocolate easter egg smashed up).

I put spoonfuls on trays lined with baking paper...
they took about 12-15min in a moderate, pre heated oven (180oC).
I let them cool on the trays before storing them.

It is an great recipe... easily adapted.
Usually I don't melt the butter but it works either way.
It's also good with nuts or craisins.

Friday, May 14, 2010

~ Dining Cabinet Makeover ~

During the holidays I waved my magical white paintbrush wand over a few pieces of furniture to give them a fresh and much brighter look......

I gathered my favourite products which largely feature Porters Undercoat,
Oyster White Acrylic & All Purpose Sealer..... 

Then I set to work on a really dated, and I'll admit poorly made (inexpensive) dining cabinet.....

First I undercoated....

To prepare to paint I taped the glass on both sides and took off the brass knobs. I couldn't manage to take it outside so I did it in the dining room.... I lay down protection for the floor and it really wasn't bad, long as you vacume up after sanding straight my trusty B&D mouse sander has an attachment to the vacume on it. I gave it a light sand before I undercoated it too.

I let the undercoat dry and after another really light sand I applied a couple of coats of the Oyster White Acrylic, letting it dry in between.

When it was dry I gave the edges and corners a sand to give it an aged, slightly vintage look.
Finally I sealed it with Porters Clear Sealer.

I added new glass knobs, tiny ones for the draws and matching bigger ones for the cupboard doors.

MUCH better!!!!!!

Want to peek inside????????

Now my vintage glass has a happy, bright new home!

The perfect spot for (some of) my vintage vases & jars.....

I wish I could say it fitted ALL my jugs but I do have a few more stashed elsewhere....

All up, it took a day to do the undercoating & painting, leaving plenty of drying time, and the next morning to sand and seal.

In my opinion, it was time well spent!

~ My Plan for the Weekend ~

My plans for the weekend are to include....somehow....
time to read.........
in an appropriately peaceful spot.......

I have just started The Scarlet Pimpernel, the original version, and I am really enjoying it.
The language is very old English, requiring a little concentration, but it is worth it.
The basic plot is quite well known and I have seen the movie.....
 but I really don't know WHAT is going to happen. (Ain't that fun!)
I thought the last BBC version with Richard E Grant was very enjoyable and now I plan to rewatch that too!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

~ Ironing Board Makeover! !

On the weekend I decided to makeover my ironing board cover which was looking a bit sad...

I cut some strips of fabric and joined them so they were long enough to go right around the edge of the ironing board. I turned the board upside down and traced it on another piece of fabric, which I cut out (including a 10cm seam allowance). This piece of fabric looked appropriately board shaped.

I folded the strip piece in half (right side out) and sewed it to the right side of the edge all the way around the board shaped fabric (it created a sort of tube).

I didn't even bother to finish the seams.

I flipped the edge over and threaded some elastic through the tube of fabric around the edge.


....the funny thing is that I hardly ever iron!

Least it is pretty to look at !!!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Enter the DRAGON.....

What is THAT? I hear you ask....

It is actually a delicious tropical fruit called a dragon fruit!
(Looking at this picture I think I see why... it looks a bit like a dragon head!)

It grows on a cactus like this...and thrives on neglect .... so perfect for my garden!

This is what it looks like on the inside....
the colour is AMAZING and it has a subtle, fragrant rose-like taste.
The texture is like a kiwi fruit. We only get a few each year so they are SO special to us.
There is also another variety which grows the same way but is white on the inside instead of red.
We have that growing too but it never fruits, but I think they aren't quite as nice to eat anyway.
We first tasted dragon fruit in Vietnam, but they are available all over Asia.
We bought out plants at the Mt Tamborine market and they seem to grow well in this area.
You can sometimes get them at the fruit shops & supermarkets....
now you know what they are you might like to give them a go!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

~ BLING...French Style ~

Fancy some sparkle to put you in a good mood?
....I have an easy peasy idea to give you that glitter fix I am SURE you have been wanting.....

All you need is a chipboard die cut shape of choice (I found loads on etsy) ...
I chose the eiffel tower...
cover with modge podge (glue) ....then sprinkle glitter to your hearts content!
(I put paper underneath and catch any excess glitter.)
I give two coats to each side to patch any gaps & then modge podge over the top
(so I don't have glitter everywhere).
Punch a hole, add a ribbon to hang it and .....
you have a delightful bit of BLING to hang on a picture frame, door knob or cupboard!

Monday, May 10, 2010

~ My Mother's Day Gift for Mum ~

Yes ... the birdie cushion is featured once again!

This time I made it in blues and light brown. I have to say that this is my favourite gift of the moment, although once everyone has one I will have to think of something else!
 It is so quick and easy, as well as CUTE!

Hope you liked your gift Mum! x

Friday, May 7, 2010

~ COZY ~

Guess what.........

Mr Tiff just lit the first fire for the season!