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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Enter the DRAGON.....

What is THAT? I hear you ask....

It is actually a delicious tropical fruit called a dragon fruit!
(Looking at this picture I think I see why... it looks a bit like a dragon head!)

It grows on a cactus like this...and thrives on neglect .... so perfect for my garden!

This is what it looks like on the inside....
the colour is AMAZING and it has a subtle, fragrant rose-like taste.
The texture is like a kiwi fruit. We only get a few each year so they are SO special to us.
There is also another variety which grows the same way but is white on the inside instead of red.
We have that growing too but it never fruits, but I think they aren't quite as nice to eat anyway.
We first tasted dragon fruit in Vietnam, but they are available all over Asia.
We bought out plants at the Mt Tamborine market and they seem to grow well in this area.
You can sometimes get them at the fruit shops & supermarkets....
now you know what they are you might like to give them a go!