Mrs Tiff creatively

Thursday, May 20, 2010

~ What a Hoot! ~

Easy peasy owl pendant necklaces!

All you need is some inexpensive owl die cuts.....

Just trace shapes onto your favourite paper...
I used vintage music & some scrapbooking paper ...and cut out the shapes.
Next cover the owl & eyes with modge podge, place on the paper and let dry.
Once it is dry I use a metal nail file to sand the edges so they are neat.
Then I ink the edges with an appropriate colour.
Glue the eyes on to the body & place Kaisercraft rhinestones on for the centre of the eyes...
I used amber and a black colour, but they come in a HUGE range.
Finally, paint the back to seal it, then put a clear coat over the top (modge podge does the trick).
These owls can be used for anything, but I thought they'd be great necklace pendants so I used the 1mm hole punch to make a hole and attached a jewellery ring.
All I need now is a chain or ribbon to hang it from.
I think I'll also add a few silver charms.

What a hoot!!!!