Mrs Tiff creatively

Thursday, September 30, 2010

~ Sweetheart Tags ~

These little heart tags
are so sweet!

I made them from 
chalkcloth & they are backed 
with a fabric newspaper print!

They would be so cute on a gift,
door, candle, cookie jar....

or strung together 
to make some pretty message bunting!

Don't forget to leave a comment
to be in the running for 
some mini message 
bunting of your own!


~ Hydrangea Mania ~

Instead of fresh flowers 
this week .....

I bought a pretty pink 
hydrangea in a pot....
such a delight as 
I come home each day!

Monday, September 27, 2010

~ Chalkcloth Mini Message Bunting ~

I think I have found 
the perfect prize for my giveaway.....

my latest chalkboard craze 
has now extended to fabric!

I have had such fun leaving 
messages all over the house.....
(can't wait to show you the 
table runners I have made!)

...this lovely fabric mini message bunting 
is hung on jute twine and backed
with my own hand stamped calico....

it would make a great 
Christmas decoration too!

Just leave a comment
& you will be in the draw 
to receive it!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

~ Let's Celebrate! ~

Can you believe
it's my 100th blog!!!

It is only right we should celebrate....

but how?????

I have thought of a couple of things....

I want to say thanks to those lovely followers
who have supported me so far....
and encourage those who just visit occasionally
to become followers, so they can comment
and join in the fun...

so... I want to do a gift giveaway
(one of my own creations)
 to a special follower....
(because, sadly, I can't give something to everyone)
only it is so hard to choose something to give away...
a cushion? a tablecloth?
cards & tags? a lovely chalkboard?

I thought I would get you to help me choose....
leave a comment if you have a giveaway suggestion,
and I will post some suggestions too over the next week...
I will pick a winner from a hat......
all you have to do to be in the draw
is to be a follower and leave a comment
sometime over the next 10 days....
..... easy!

The other way I'm going to celebrate
is not quite done....
I'll be showing you that very soon too!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

~ Union Jack inspired Heart Pillows ~

Today I finally got a chance
to finish off some sewing....

I made some lovely heart shaped,
Union Jack inspired pillows.....

Here is what I did...
in cased you are inspired
to have a go yourself...

First cut your fabric.
You may want to
make a pattern using paper....
but I live dangerously.....
I just cut it freehand.

Next decide if you want
to embelish with any trims.

I chose some rasberry rick rack
& dusty pink velvet ribbon.

These must be pinned
and sewn on
before you can continue.

I sewed straight down
the middle of the rick rack
& on each edge
of the velvet ribbon.

Attach any other embelishments now too.
I used hand dyed
mini doilies.

It is also important to sew
on buttons now too.
So much easier than doing
it when the pillow is stuffed.

Now you can put both sides together
(right sides together)
and stitch around the edge.
I double stitch it for safety!

Don't forget to leave a little
space for putting in the stuffing.

Make sure you make fringing
cuts around all curves
so when you turn it right side out
your seams can open freely.

I usually use a chopstick
to push out the seams,
then I press them with an iron.

Now you are ready
to fill your pillow with stuffing.
I use a hobbyfill
from Spotlight.

Carefully hand sew
your opening together....
sometimes I topstitch around
the edge after I iron.
Then I machine sew the opening
following the same line.
(That can be a bit fiddly
& I didn't fancy it today.)

So here we have my pretty
heart pillows finished.....

not bad for a couple of hours work
(counting interruptions)
and a few salvaged trims!

I am going to put these up in the Guest House....
but just took a quick picture
to show how nice they look

(Lucky you can't see the foot of the bed....
it is covered in clean washing to be put away!)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

~ Shelf Makeover ~

While brousing
@ Hinterland Salvage
 as you do... I do
(you probably don't!)

I found this little shelf.....
for $10.....

it just made me smile.......

not just because
someone had glued
half a wooden peg
on as a handle....
because I quite liked that....
I get a lot of pieces
(particularly from the depression era)
that have quirky additions...
I would have done
the other side to match....
only I had these wonderful
clock face handles
I purchased from
The Graphics Fairy's etsy store
a few months ago....
just waiting for
the right project to come along....

so I bought the little shelf
knowing with a bit of paint
it would be just lovely......

and I think you will agree......

it is now just right for
displaying a few knick knacks
& tidy the dresser
@ the front door!

Monday, September 20, 2010

~ Shell Collage Art ~

More instant art!
(I did these the same time as
the Pretty Hydrangea
& used the same process.)
This time I used these mini shell
postcard pictures which
I bought as a digital collage.

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

I placed them on the kitchen dresser
I just revamped  up in the Guest House.

When I look at them
(despite the rain outside)
 I get a nice beach housey feeling!

Friday, September 17, 2010

~ Lampshades Makeover ~

I am so pleased with
my latest makeover.......

I had a couple of old lamps up in the Guest House....

so I tugged off the beaded trim...


and traced the shape of the shade
on to some calico.

The fabric I cut looked like this.

So I got out my trusty stamps.....

and got busy!

I kept stamping until
my fabric was covered to my liking....

I used a Staz On Black,
knowing I won't have to wash it anyway.
(Make sure you get the special
stamp cleaner if you buy some
~ true to its' name it stays on every surface!)

Next I modge podged (glued)
my fabric onto my shades.

I then used a strong clear glue to
attach a black & white trim.

Neat huh?
And practically free!
All I bought was the trim!
(The rest came from my stash!)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

~ Pretty Hydrangea Botanical Print ~

Here's a little project for the weekend.....
instant art!

Karen (The fantastic Graphics Fairy)
provided the image as a PDF
(you can download it HERE)

All I did was ....
size it,
print it,
spray it
(with Krylon to fix the ink)
& mode podge it
(to the canvas
which I'd painted with an antique white)

SO easy!
SO pretty!

Thanks again, Karen,
your images are fantastic!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

~ Shabby Frame Make Over ~

I found this pretty picture
in the charity shop
on the way home on Friday....


it looked like this when I found it
& I thought $25 was a fair price,
it's like a donation really.....

 I actually intended to use the frame
for another chalkboard.....

so I popped the picture out.....

gave it a lick of paint....

& I sanded the edges carefully
to bring out the pretty details.....

and I put the shabby flowers back in....
I think it will stay as it is.....

I'm quite fond of it now!