Mrs Tiff creatively

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

~ Let there be Light ! ~

A long while back
I bought some black
wrought iron candle holders...
(I rarely can walk past a bargin
at a charity shop ~ 50c ea!)
& recently I painted them...

yes, white....
(Porters Oyster White)

so I gave them a light sanding
around the edges....

and adorned them
with a pretty clock charm....

which I made by painting
a round wooden disc white,
&stamping on
some different clock faces
...I drilled a hole
& attached some twine. 
I left the other clocks
as table decorations....

last night I lit the lovely
Dusk  Bondi candles
that I had bought for them......
let there be light!

Sooooo pretty!