Mrs Tiff creatively

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

~ Union Jack inspired Heart Pillows ~

Today I finally got a chance
to finish off some sewing....

I made some lovely heart shaped,
Union Jack inspired pillows.....

Here is what I did...
in cased you are inspired
to have a go yourself...

First cut your fabric.
You may want to
make a pattern using paper....
but I live dangerously.....
I just cut it freehand.

Next decide if you want
to embelish with any trims.

I chose some rasberry rick rack
& dusty pink velvet ribbon.

These must be pinned
and sewn on
before you can continue.

I sewed straight down
the middle of the rick rack
& on each edge
of the velvet ribbon.

Attach any other embelishments now too.
I used hand dyed
mini doilies.

It is also important to sew
on buttons now too.
So much easier than doing
it when the pillow is stuffed.

Now you can put both sides together
(right sides together)
and stitch around the edge.
I double stitch it for safety!

Don't forget to leave a little
space for putting in the stuffing.

Make sure you make fringing
cuts around all curves
so when you turn it right side out
your seams can open freely.

I usually use a chopstick
to push out the seams,
then I press them with an iron.

Now you are ready
to fill your pillow with stuffing.
I use a hobbyfill
from Spotlight.

Carefully hand sew
your opening together....
sometimes I topstitch around
the edge after I iron.
Then I machine sew the opening
following the same line.
(That can be a bit fiddly
& I didn't fancy it today.)

So here we have my pretty
heart pillows finished.....

not bad for a couple of hours work
(counting interruptions)
and a few salvaged trims!

I am going to put these up in the Guest House....
but just took a quick picture
to show how nice they look

(Lucky you can't see the foot of the bed....
it is covered in clean washing to be put away!)