Mrs Tiff creatively

Friday, October 15, 2010

~ Babushka Gift Pack ~

I put together a little gift pack 
for one of the girls
last weekend....

first I made a simple lanyard
out of a divine babushka linen tape
that I purchased on etsy......

then I made a little wooden
babushka tag by stamping & drilling a hole
in a little wooden medallion....

I also made a babushka lavender bag
using some fabric in my stash.....

then I made a few more ...
while I was in the mood
(they should come in handy for 
Chrissy gifts... they would look sweet 
in a little girls room too I think!)

they made a perfectly themed gift,
for someone who (like me) has a little
soft spot for babushkas!

Next I popped them into a special gift bag....
made from a children's party bag
(from Spotlight) & one of 
my pretty French label stickers....

and finished off with one of my
handmade shipping tags....

Happy Birthday,