Mrs Tiff creatively

Saturday, October 23, 2010

~ Feed Sack Tea Towels ~

Recently I found some great 
feed sack tea towels .....

Can you guess what I did 
with them this weekend?
I made them into some cushions....

I love the feed sack design & colours....
and they were a bargain....
they were on sale 
(two for $6!)

how could I resist?
(needless to say...
I didn't even try!)

~ * ~

~ * ~ 

~ * ~

I just folded them, 
sewed along the stitching on two sides,
then stuffed them & sewed them closed 
along the stitching on the third side.

When I need to wash them, the whole 
cushion can go in the wash.
The fabric is a really nice thick cotton
and I think it will wear well.

Not bad for less than an hours work!