Mrs Tiff creatively

Saturday, November 27, 2010

~ Vintage Dictionary Baubles ~

This weekend I stocked up on 
some glass baubles from Spotlight...
the kind you fill yourself...

I had seen them in a magazine 
& was keen to give them a go....

I filled this one with shreds 
of vintage dictionary clippings....
& topped them with some 
jute twine for hanging them....

I can't wait to put them 
on my Christmas tree!


Friday, November 26, 2010

~ Sneaking Off.... ~

... while everyone settled
 in for lunch at the pub on Sunday...
(and after placing my lunch order!)
I snuck off for 
a quick wander around

I just love browsing
through the vintage wares.....

and getting some ideas 
for some new projects....

I didn't find 
anything to buy...
(this time)
but I had 
a lovely time looking!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

~ Swimming with the Dolphins ~

When we got to the beach yesterday.....

we were delighted to
find a couple of friends'
already in the water!!!!!!

Naturally everyone dived right in....
despite the slight chill on the water!

We were treated to some 
very close encounters
as the local dolphins,
not at all put out by the swimmers,
fed on little fish
in the shallow water....

before returning to the deeper channel to play!

We felt so lucky 
to be so close to them.....
how could a trip 
to the beach be any better!!!


Friday, November 19, 2010

~ Destination Cushion ~

We are going to stay 
with friends this weekend...
so I made a little gift for them.....

They are ex-residents of Sydney....

so I thought it would be fun 
to make them a cushion 
out of a destination roll tea towel...

The destination cushion 
turned out so well
I jumped straight 
onto the internet &
bought more tea towels!!!!

I think they will feature 
heavily on my Christmas 
gift giving list!!!!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

~ Cute Cupcakes ~

Another family birthday.....
and more cupcakes!

But last week was such a blur....

I barely remember making them!!!!!

I have a vague recollection 
of icing late into the night......

but looking back....
it was worth the effort!

Once they were all wrapped up
to take to school
they really did look 
like the cutest of cupcakes!!!!!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

~ Come Wander through my Garden ~

... after a Spring shower.......

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

what can I say.....
it is just lovely!


Monday, November 15, 2010

~ Vintage Pattern Drawers ~

On the weekend I finished off 
a little project I had started 
about three months ago!

I always need loads of storage...
so when I last went to the 
Kaisercraft outlet store at Robina
I bought some of these little storage draws.
They have loads of different DIY projects.
(They have a great advent calender 
that I want to have a go at too!)

They come 'flat pack' style
and you construct 
& decorate them yourself.
I painted them white & used 
brown wrapping paper 
on the sides and top.
I covered the little drawers 
with some vintage sewing patterns.

I put them on my desk 
& started filling the drawers 
with my knick knacks.....

What great storage..
for little bits & pieces!

I like it so much I 
am going to make 
another one!!!!!!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

~ Personalised Cushions ~

What do you do 
when you have tons of work do?

Sew some new 
cushions of course!!!!!!

I had the bright idea
that I would make myself
 a personalised cushion.... 
so it wouldn't get stolen....
by pillow pinching theives....

then I thought I'd better 
make one for Mr Tiff too.....

since he likes two cushions,
I also made him a 
newspaper print pillow too!

He is sorted...

and I can claim 
my favourite chair 
on the deck
whenever I want.....

or just the good bit
of the lounge...

and no one can
argue that they did 
not know it is my cushion!!!!!


Friday, November 12, 2010

~ Tea for Me ~

I just bought a new teapot!
(from Bed Bath & Table)


I just had to make cookies 
to go with my first brew.....

tea & cookies for me!

Anyone for a cuppa?


Thursday, November 11, 2010

~ Chalk Cloth Table Runner ~

I recently made a chalk cloth table runner.....

& it is so much fun!!!!!!

I thought it would be entertaining
during our entertaining over the festive season.....

I have written special messages on it.....

I actually do love the chef.....
without him cooking dinner every night 
I would have no time to blog!!!!!

I thought it would also be fun to put place 
names on the table runner...
and I can remind the children 
not to make a mess!

I know where I am sitting!!!!!