Mrs Tiff creatively

Monday, December 13, 2010

~ Chicken Wire Christmas Star Project ~

This is a fun & easy project...

first sketch your star shape on some scrap paper.

then bend one end of your wire into a loop.

Next gently shape the wire
according to your pattern.
You may need to 
hold it down with 
something heavy if you 
wire has been stored coiled.

Once you have completed the star 
shape poke the wire through
the look you made at the start.

After that gently press the wire closed.

Next cut your chicken wire
slightly bigger than your star.
I have nice new wire cutters
 and they cut the chicken wire like paper.
The trickiest bit is having 
the patience to gently twist
and crimp the edges of the chicken wire
around the edge of the star.
You also have to pull it a little to 
stretch it carefully as you go.
I put a heavy book on it
to help hold it in place 
as I worked around the edges.

I originally intended to use it to peg
Christmas cards on...
but it looks so nice just plain......
(just like my poor reindeer ~ 
I couldn't cover him in the end either)

I am not sure if I should hang it...

or just leave it sitting on the shelf....
I'll keep changing my mind no doubt!

I hope you get a chance
 to have a try doing this project yourself,
it is well worth the effort!