Mrs Tiff creatively

Saturday, December 18, 2010

~ Felt Heart Christmas Decoration ~

I love using felt 
for little projects....
it doesn't fray so it is perfect
for things you don't want to hem....

I bought some printed 
felt a little while back,
and it has several different 
printed panels that you cut up....

this post card sized piece 
looked Christmassy
so I thought I'd make a decoration....

first I traced my heart 
shape onto the felt 
using grey lead pencil....

then I pinned a piece 
of cream felt to the back.
I cut the v part of the heart
to poke in some ribbon,
but left the rest...

I sewed around my seam, 
leaving a small gap to 
poke stuffing in through.
I used a pencil to 
push the stuffing right in evenly...

After stuffing I sewed 
the small gap closed.
I chose to cut around the edges 
last so that both pieces of felt
ended up exactly the same size.

Lastly, I chose a pretty button
to sew on the base of the ribbon.

I hung it on my tree,
and it looks lovely!