Mrs Tiff creatively

Sunday, December 19, 2010

~ Felt Union Jack Cushions ~

It is a time for giving....
so I have made some special 
gifts for some of my family ....

my in-laws are originally 
from England and had 
expressed a liking for my 
Union Jack cushions....

so pretty pastels with a 
special chiffon flower for Auntie....

& for Nanna, 
(she has browns & whites in her home)
 the colours for her are softly faded caramel, 
fawn and pretty pink....

don't those colours perfectly match
a fading hydrangea ????

actually they look very nice in my bedroom too....

I wasn't sure about the 
felt fabric when I first had 
the idea to make these cushions....
but they turned out so soft and pretty....
 now I can't get out the door 
quick enough to go and buy more supplies!!!

I am going to have to make some more!