Mrs Tiff creatively

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

~ Pretty Tulle Wreath ~

I just love finding new & wonderful ideas 
that people are kind enough to share....

I saw this fantastic tutorial 
on how to make a linen wreath HERE
posted by Jenni at Beautiful Nest....
she made a gorgeous linen version,
but I didn't have any linen .....

so I thought I'd try it 
using some pretty cream tulle....

it worked out perfectly!!!!

The only thing I did differently 
to Jenni was to paint my wire 
first with white enamel,
(because I thought the wire 
might show through the tulle)
and to get the fluffiness,
I made really small gathers ....
also I twisted the 
strips of tulle around the wire
as I threaded.....

I tied it with a festive 
red & white stripe 
ribbon to finish it off 
and I hung a pretty bird ornament
from the middle....
I just love it!