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Monday, December 26, 2011

~ Wishing you a Happy New Year! ~

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Cheers to you all, dear friends!
I am having a bit of a break...
I am looking forward to
spending some quality time
with my beautiful family.

I am not sure if I will 
have time to check in with you all
before the new year
so I wanted to raise a glass
of lovely French champers to
you all and say cheers!
I have valued your friendship &
support over the past year!

Hope you have a fun filled and fab
new year!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

~ Shabby Gingerbread Cottage ~

This year we had some gingerbread success....
where we have failed in the past....

I bought a gingerbread cookie cutter set
from Pillow Talk.

It made the job so easy!

They meant that all the
parts were the correct size....

Also we could easily add windows.

I have made several houses now
and I learned it was better to not put
too much baking soda in the mix
 (I took it out altogether).
I also followed the kit advice
and cut the windows but left the 
dough in place until it was cooked,
then I re-cut them and they
pulled out neatly.
I also figured it was best to roll
and cut the pieces on baking paper
on the bench before sliding them
onto a baking tray.
Plus I let the pieces cool
totally before construction.
I always let the walls sit and
set before doing the roof
and they seem to hold well.

Long as you make a good stiff royal icing...
I love to make mine peppermint!

Then you can go to town with the decorating!!!

I usually use chocolate
freckles for the roof,
but wanted to use white ones
for my shabby ginger hut
so I melted white chocolate
and made my own white freckles!
(That and the fact the lolly shop
wanted $9 for a bag of them!)

I let the kids decorate,
Miss Tiff decorated this one.

She is getting very handy with
a piping gun!

I love the lolly snowman she
put on this gingerbread house!

I bought the board it is sitting on
at Spotlight for $3.50.
I gave a few of these houses for
Christmas gifts and I think
they are great value
as well as being a yummy treat!

All I can say is thanks to our
new cookie cutters
 gingerbread house
production has been a fun filled
(any excuse to sneak lollies)
activity for all the family!!!

Happy week,
only a few sleeps
until the big day now!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

~ Paper Mache Angels ~

Here is some quick & easy
angels for you to make....

They are inspired by Donna Hay....
I found this image in her online
Christmas store, for just $12.95
if you want to buy them....

I love them but
I remembered I had these
paper mache angels from
Spotlight in my stash.

So ...
I gently pulled off the wings and gold twine
& painted them with Porters Oyster White.

I traced the wings onto an
old book page, cut them out.
I used modge podge to
glue the book paper to the wings.

I re-attached the wings using a hot glue
gun, including some jute twine
to hang them from.

I am really pleased with how
they turned out!

~ * ~

Very pretty, either on the tree
or tied to a special gift!

If you arent't feeling crafty
don't forget Donna Hay's beautiful
version is only a few clicks away,
just don't get too distracted
by all her other gorgeous stuff...
(like I do!) Ha!

Have a festive weekend dear friends!


I have just linked to the lovely
at French Country Cottage.


Monday, December 12, 2011

~ Some Christmas Ornaments & a Bloggy Award ~

I thought I would share
some Christmas delights from
my living room today.
If you saw my last post you
will have seen the pretty
red and white ornament I made
for the Haby Goddess's 
Chris Krigle exchange.
I wanted to show you how lovely
the little felt birds look in grey and white!

I attached some of the wings
 with a vintage style glass button.

Other wings I stitched to the bodies.

I also made some grey with white wings.
This one has the little heart to attach it's wings.

The muted tones look so pretty on my tree!

This is a vintage button bauble
I made last year.

I also wanted to show you some
sweet grey and white angels
I was given as gifts!

Aren't they lovely!

Last year I filled some
glass baubles with shells
and I have scattered
them around the place too.

Today I also wanted to thank Mimi from
for this sweet bloggy award.

Liebster is a German word meaning "dearest" and the award is given to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. The award has a few stipulations:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it you.
2. Reveal your five blogger picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Hope that people you have sent the award to forward it on to their favourite bloggers.

Here are five wonderful blogs I love to visit :

1.  Histoire de soie

 Thanks for the inspiration ladies!

I am off to tick some thinks
off my Christmas 'to do' list!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

~ Kris Kringle ~

I am officially getting
into the Christmans spirit now....
I have been crafting to the sweet tunes of
the Glee Christmas album &
using the classic Christmassy colours of red & white!

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~ * ~

I made these for Jodie's
Kris Kringle recently so I
hope their new owner likes them!!!

I have to say a huge thanks to Linda
for buying these pretty bottles for me,
they look so beautiful!
You must check out her new store
for more scrumptious goodies!!!

I went to see Breaking Dawn
part one last night, now I have to
wait a year for part two? annoying, even though I
do know what happened! Ha!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

~ On the Wings of an Angel ~

I have finally made it
to the end of the school year.

I feel the joy...

but I am so exhaused...

I give as much love
to my students as I can muster....

and I have faith ...

 that my little ones are
well prepared for their future....

I wish them great joy
in the journey ahead....

I am now going to recharge
all my energy & spirit......

so I will be ready to do it all over again next year!!!!

Lucky I love what I do!!!!!

Happy week dear friends!
I am looking forward
to catching up with you all!


PS.... these Angel wings are some of the handmade
gifts that I crafted for my valued colleagues
& friends as a big thanks for all their help this year.
I couldn't do it with out you all! x