Mrs Tiff creatively

Friday, January 28, 2011

~ Gorgeous Garland ~

Can you belive how lovely
this crochet flower garland looks?

I bought it from the gorgeous Tina
because she is donating the January profits
from the sales of her garlands to
the flood relief fund.....

it is no wonder they sold out,
because look how beautiful they are!
Oh Tina, your fingers must have been
working overtime to keep up!

I was so excited when my
garland arrived on Tuesday.....

I decided to hang it vertically,
rather than horizontally.....

and it looked so right 
near my calico rose cushion
that I made a while back.....

plus I thought the grey stone
would frame the crochet
flowers perfectly!

Thanks Tina,
your flower garland,
it looks so pretty,
and I congratulate you
for raising so much money
for the flood relief fund!

I also wanted to thank Jodie
for being so kind
and including my vintage sewing
shipping tags in her
Weekend Haby Delights :

You should go visit her!
(the link is above)

I love to visit Jodie's blog
because I get so much out of her tips
and love all the new items she finds,
plus she has a yummy online store!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~ Softies for Smiles ~

I am so thrilled to
be contributing to another worthwhile
project, organised by another
wonderful person, to aid those who
have been effected by the
recent flooding tradgedy....

is collecting softies for flood
effected children to put smiles
on their dear little faces...
she has called it Softies for Smiles....

with my big move I knew I would struggle
to make something in time,
but I did have a couple of softies
packed away for a rainy day,
and goodness me, it did rain....

so I tried to find the correct box....

which I did, with a little help
from Mr Tiff....

my babusha was still
in my posession
because I didn't feel she was
quite good enough to give as a gift,
being my first attempt at one....
but then I thought how children are
so much less critical than adults
and that actually she might make
some little girl very happy....
.... I made the two sided
birdie a while back,
as you can see HERE.....

so well done Christy,
for all your organising....
these two softies are coming
your way very soon....
the idea that they might
put smiles on little faces
makes me smile too!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

~ Home Baking ~

I was feeling a little
disorientated this morning....
waking up in a new environment...
I needed to do something
to make it feel more like home....
so I decided to bake us some
scones for breakfast....

luckily I know the recipe off by heart....
because I have no idea
where the recipe books are.....

although I couldn't quite
find everything...
(you know a glass makes
a good scone cutter)
I found a tablecloth
and my cake stand.....

we ate out on the deck....

as you would imagine,
after a family breakfast
of warm scones.....
(with fresh coffee)
it did feel a bit more like home!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

~ Dream Home ~

We are so blessed...
we finally sold our house 
after having it on the market 
for nearly twelve months.....

mind you, although we have 
bought a new home, our hearts
are here and we 
don't really want to leave....

I dreamed up our house,
I drew it and I help build it....
so it truly has been our dream home...
we have been here twelve years 
and both the children have 
never lived anywhere else...

why then
we are just that little bit too far away
from the children's activities and friends...
they want to ride to their friends 
houses, go out at night, play more sports....
so it is time for a change......

but it hurts a little....
my notice board is bare....
and so are the walls....

all my craft supplies,
sewing & papers are packed....

and there are filled boxes everywhere!

We have to rent for a few months
because the home we bought 
is tenanted out for a while longer...

I am happy, yet I am sad,
I am tired,
yet I am excited....

but most of all I will miss my 
amazing, wonderful & 
irreplaceable neighbours...
who over the last twelve years 
have become dear friends....

who do things like (last night)
turn up with dinner for you because
they know you have been packing all day....
before driving to Brisbane and back 
with a car full of food and necessities collected
 from all our other neighbours
for other friends in need....

what a gorgeous person you are, Chrissy...
and how I am going to miss 
having you right there
(in easy walking distance of 
a glass of cold champers!)

I am back at school on Tuesday 
and the movers are coming later in the week,
so I may be off line for a few days...
but I will check in on my ipad....
I can browse and comment
but I can't blog from it yet...
(I have got to learn to do that
I have been too busy to learn so far).

Take care until next time!


Friday, January 14, 2011

~ Congratulations Volunteers in Brisbane ~

WOW .... have you seen the volunteers turning up
in the devastated Brisbane streets?

My daughter & I at Southbank 
in Brisbane before the flood.

It really is so impressive.
Congratulations to everyone lending a hand.
It warms my heart to see the way everyone
is pitching in and doing what they can.

The community spirit brings a tear to my eye,
well done everyone!!!!!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~ Finding Shelter ~

As it had been so wet, 
we have been finding lots of 
creatures great & small 
seeking shelter on our deck.....

this poor little possum 
does not look at all well...

but has been coming back 
almost daily to shelter 
behind the fridge...

the noise of the children 
& the dog clearly better 
than being sodden with rain....
(I am compelled to give it 
little bits of fruit too...)

..the sun came out for a bit today,
let's hope that it persists 
so that conditions do not worsen....
my thoughts remain with 
my family and friends, as well
all of those others
who are battling the waters 
in Qld at the moment.

Keep safe in Brisbane everyone.


Monday, January 10, 2011

~ Guanaba Creek Rd Today ~

This is the road today...
(from the other side)

as you can see this water runs
into the Coomera River.....

what may amaze you is that 
literally hours after I took those 
pictures yesterday.....

this road was clear,
the water was below the bridge
and I drove across it!

now look at it today......
it just goes to show the 
unpredictability and intensity of the water
flowing around us at the moment...

We are home safe today,
but my thoughts are with 
everyone who effected 
by the masses of water
around the state,
especially in Toowoomba.

Stay safe everyone.


~ Guanaba Creek Rd Today ~

Rain Rain.....
.....GO AWAY!!!!!!!!

...this is the road into my house.....

I have had enough of the rain!!!!!

I am very thankful though,
that the family is safe,
my friends & cherished neighbours are safe,
and my thoughts are with everyone
else in Qld who has also
been effected by flooding,
but in a much more serous way....

take care on the roads everyone,
and if we can all sing along together....

Rain rain,
GO AWAY!!!!!
we might just get ourselves 
a bit of a break!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

~ Vintage Jar Soap Dispenser ~

I am now at home sweet home 
and my fingers were itching for a project....

so I attacked the vintage jar
I found in Melbourne.....

first I stamped on a 
vintage French lable
with staz on ink.....

then I traced the size hole I wanted on the lid....

....with a bit of brute force & will power
I drilled a honeycomb of holes 
in the section I wanted the hole
and finished the space off 
with a steel file and hammer...

I filed the edges and cut the 
neck of the plastic soap bottle 
I had on hand & threaded the neck 
up through the bottom of the lid
before attaching the pump part to the top....

I thought I may have to seal it
but it held firmly.....

and there we have it!!!!!

sitting happily next to one of my mum's
cross stitched hand towels....

pretty sweet.... 
and it only cost $1
along with a small amount 
of my time!

I have to say that it is very 
satisfying when you have 
a vision for an object 
and you are able to
make it happen!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

~ Market Treasures! ~

Here are some of my market finds.....

I really love the coffee sacks....
I think I'll do some big cushions
with them....

the linen table runner is very pretty,
and in immaculate condition...

a pretty tarnished silver salt shaker....
which I have a special
(non salty) plan for....

some never used mini flan tins....
for tea lights perhaps....

aren't these delightful!
....a whole heap of vintage 
key holes ($6!) .....
and yes! I have a few 
projects in mind for these!

an old jar.....
no market trip is complete without one!
I thought I'd do a soap 
dispenser out of this one......
I'll let you know how that goes....

and best of all....
but not a market find....
some lavender (actually a heap!)
from my Aunt's garden!

it was ready for cutting 
so she cut it all for 
me to bring home....
 she knows how much I love it!

I feel some more 
lavender bags coming on.....


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

~ Camberwell Market ~

Way before we left for our holiday...

Sunday morning was already 
booked up!!!!!

I planned to go to the
Camberwell Market the minute
we booked our holiday!

There really is something 
for everyone here....
and it used to be one 
of my regular haunts ....

needless to say some of these 
coffee sacks were coming home with me...
(at three for $10 it was a given!)

it was fairly busy 
but you could still get a bargain....
and a really good coffee....

the vintage sewing stall 
had my attention for some time....
the buttons were fantastic....

my son loved the vintage building
supplies and tools.....

there was just so 
much to choose from.....
sadly we couldn't bring
 home anything too big...

but I did make sure there was 
enough room for a few things!!!!!