Mrs Tiff creatively

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

~ Brighton Beach ~

 This beach is
picture postcard  perfect!!!!!

I think a trip to 
Brighton Beach 
is a must do during 
any visit to Melbourne....


these bathing boxes.....

they are so colourful.... 
set off by the bright 
blue summer sky...

I picked this one.....

as my favourite....

isn't it pretty?!
....imagine coming to the beach, 
opening up the doors 
& lounging back on some 
white cape cod chairs
as the children played 
in the sand in front of you....

I am told they cost 
around the twenty thousand dollar mark...
money well spent in my book!

They are fully powered 
& would only go up in value
as no more are allowed to be built...

It is almost worth moving
to Melbourne for!!!!!

...what a thought!!!!
It's no wonder I am smiling!!!!

Happy Holidays!