Mrs Tiff creatively

Friday, January 28, 2011

~ Gorgeous Garland ~

Can you belive how lovely
this crochet flower garland looks?

I bought it from the gorgeous Tina
because she is donating the January profits
from the sales of her garlands to
the flood relief fund.....

it is no wonder they sold out,
because look how beautiful they are!
Oh Tina, your fingers must have been
working overtime to keep up!

I was so excited when my
garland arrived on Tuesday.....

I decided to hang it vertically,
rather than horizontally.....

and it looked so right 
near my calico rose cushion
that I made a while back.....

plus I thought the grey stone
would frame the crochet
flowers perfectly!

Thanks Tina,
your flower garland,
it looks so pretty,
and I congratulate you
for raising so much money
for the flood relief fund!

I also wanted to thank Jodie
for being so kind
and including my vintage sewing
shipping tags in her
Weekend Haby Delights :

You should go visit her!
(the link is above)

I love to visit Jodie's blog
because I get so much out of her tips
and love all the new items she finds,
plus she has a yummy online store!