Mrs Tiff creatively

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~ Softies for Smiles ~

I am so thrilled to
be contributing to another worthwhile
project, organised by another
wonderful person, to aid those who
have been effected by the
recent flooding tradgedy....

is collecting softies for flood
effected children to put smiles
on their dear little faces...
she has called it Softies for Smiles....

with my big move I knew I would struggle
to make something in time,
but I did have a couple of softies
packed away for a rainy day,
and goodness me, it did rain....

so I tried to find the correct box....

which I did, with a little help
from Mr Tiff....

my babusha was still
in my posession
because I didn't feel she was
quite good enough to give as a gift,
being my first attempt at one....
but then I thought how children are
so much less critical than adults
and that actually she might make
some little girl very happy....
.... I made the two sided
birdie a while back,
as you can see HERE.....

so well done Christy,
for all your organising....
these two softies are coming
your way very soon....
the idea that they might
put smiles on little faces
makes me smile too!