Mrs Tiff creatively

Saturday, January 8, 2011

~ Vintage Jar Soap Dispenser ~

I am now at home sweet home 
and my fingers were itching for a project....

so I attacked the vintage jar
I found in Melbourne.....

first I stamped on a 
vintage French lable
with staz on ink.....

then I traced the size hole I wanted on the lid....

....with a bit of brute force & will power
I drilled a honeycomb of holes 
in the section I wanted the hole
and finished the space off 
with a steel file and hammer...

I filed the edges and cut the 
neck of the plastic soap bottle 
I had on hand & threaded the neck 
up through the bottom of the lid
before attaching the pump part to the top....

I thought I may have to seal it
but it held firmly.....

and there we have it!!!!!

sitting happily next to one of my mum's
cross stitched hand towels....

pretty sweet.... 
and it only cost $1
along with a small amount 
of my time!

I have to say that it is very 
satisfying when you have 
a vision for an object 
and you are able to
make it happen!