Mrs Tiff creatively

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

~ Fabric Heart Charms ~

... to charm my friends.....

I mentioned that I went
a little heart crazy....
well, after I had such success
with my heart cushions
I thought I might make some little
fabric hearts to give
some friends at work....

I started with this one,
mainly to use up those
little left over bits of fabric
that I couldn't bear to throw out!
So this one is from an
upcycled tablecloth.....

I made this from the remnants
of the teatowel cushion
with a black chiffon rose
(the picture doesn't do
it justice - it's really pretty)

then I thought how nice
felt hearts would be....

and how I should see if my fabric
iron on transfers would work on felt
- turns out they do!
this one is for a coffee loving friend!

I was really pleased
with how these turned out,
I added some little ball chains 
so they can be hung decoratively from
anything you like...
 now I have had loads of ideas
for some different fabric charms....

I think they make nice little gifts...