Mrs Tiff creatively

Friday, February 11, 2011

~ Sweet Felt Valentine Message Pockets ~

I was inspired by
Charlie's (Attempting Aloha) 
Valentines stockings
when she guest blogged at
I thought it was a fun and sweet idea
to hang little pockets to put
messages of love to each of
 the family members on
Valentines Day....

I love felt (and always have plenty in my stash)
so I thought I'd make some hearts from felt....

I made a heart pattern
to the size I wanted
& cut two hearts per person....

I ironed visa-fix to the back
of some white felt and cut
out the first letter of
each of our names
and ironed them on.
Miss Tiff got a little T and
I made mine a bit bigger.

I top stitched around
the edges of the letters
and the top curves of the
top heart only....
sowhen I then sewed
them to the bottom
heart, the top stitching would
go around the entire border.

I found some pretty flowers
& felt ribbon....
(from Frog Feathers on etsy)
also in my stash already....

I hand sewed on the flowers
for us girls and buttons for the boys.

Then I sewed on some of
the pink velvet ribbon
for hanging them.

My first attempt at hanging
was a bit disppointing
as they gaped terribly.
So I took them down,
used my heart pattern to cut
some sturdy iron on interfacing
(I should have read Jodie's
~ The Haby Godess ~
post about stabilisers sooner!)
and I popped a small velcro sticky
dot at the base of each v in
the inside of the hearts.

That worked perfectly!
When I re-hung them
they sat beautifully!

Now they are ready to recieve
messages of love to one another!
 I thought I might make some
little love notes for us to write on too...

Happy Weekend Crafting!