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Saturday, March 26, 2011

~ Accidental Treasures & a Gorgeous Gift ~

I went shopping yesterday
and stumbled across some pretty treasures...

but first I want to show
you a gorgeous gift...

from the lovely Pam (Bayside Rose) ...
thank you Pam, you are so talented,
I love my beautiful vintage styled fabric heart!
 Every time I look at it it reminds
me of our wonderful lunch!

and... I think it looks perfect with my
accidental treasures....

this is so typical of me....
I went into Domain to look at
over-priced furniture and to get ideas
for the new house (we move in
two & a half weeks).....

and came out with vintage style
glass bottles (these) with sweet wire handles,

these paper lanterns, which will look cute with
my red and white spotty ones, as well as some
sweet cup cake papers......

and then I went into The Reject Shop
for stickers for my class,
and came out with a white wire birdcage
(which I think will go outside
and I'll put some plants in it)
for just $15 and some more
little bottles with french labels on.....

so then I went into a charity store
to look for chairs....
and came out with a gorgeous
pink rose china tea cup
(which needs its own post!),
a hot pink woollen blanket
(which has already been washed
and dried and will be cut up for
some Easter projects) and
the pretty crystal bowl (above).

Hmmmm.... and I didn't get anything
I was actually looking for....
have you ever had one of these days?
I am sure I am not the only one!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


I have just linked this post
to the lovely Debbie's Newbie Party....

I think....
it is my first attempt at
linking to a party
and it took me a while
to figure out how to do it!