Mrs Tiff creatively

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

~ Martha Stewart's Cookies ~

If you love baking cookies....
(I'm doing a bit of a review today!)

...and you have an iPad, then
Martha Stewart's Cookies
is such a good investment!

I LOVE this app.
There are loads of cookies,
they are easy to make,
the pictures are divine,
there is even videos 
embedded in recipes to 
demonstrate how to do things
and (possibly my favourite thing)
packaging ideas with links 
to get emails of the templates!

On the weekend I made 
her chocolate almond crackles....

the dough was gorgeous....

and after chilling it you roll 
the balls of dough in caster,
then icing sugar....

then bake them
so the surface crackles.....

and, yes.....
they taste as good as they look!

Hope you are having a happy week!