Mrs Tiff creatively

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

~ Wire Photo Holders ~

I found my wire in the garage
on the weekend and I had a bright idea....

I thought I would have a go
at making some wire photo holders...
I've seen them around & thought
I'd like to have a go myself!

I bent some wire into spirals,
and made them different heights...

then I cut some timber into cubes....
(with a wonky jigsaw blade
but they were still ok...)
which I sanded so they were smooth.
It may have been easier to just buy these....

I drilled a hole in the top of each &
I painted them all white,
propping the wire in place
so they could be sprayed too
(the only paint I could find
was some spray paint).

I glued the wire in place and then
I glued on some number tags
from my stash ($1 in a SL specials bin).

I raided Mr Tiff's photo tin,
(which he is currently using to
help research the family tree
on he thinks he's
in an episode of Who do you
think you are? but that is another story)
and I found a picture of his Dad (above)
and some others from England
 - Mr Tiff's birthplace...

and they made a great display...
which I had to move to better light to photograph!

These wire photo holders
were really easy and fun,
they would be great in other colours too.

Hope your week is happy!