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Friday, April 8, 2011

~ Burlap N * E * S * T ... Mini Canvas Display ~

 I am finally about to move
into my new house....
I have just gotten my keys
but all I want to do is.....

I just want some time to
make things for my new home.....
unfortunately though, boxes
do not pack or move themselves...


so no nesting for me today...

.....however, I will quickly share
one of my little nesting projects
from last week.....

I cut some burlap (hessian) into squares....

I traced some letters on some fabric
remanants backed with visafix,

and cut them all out,

before ironing....

and stitching them onto the burap,

then I used my staple gun to attach
each burlup square to each canvas.

I just cut the corners so they sat neatly,

and I have to say I really like
the simplicity of the textures
and colours of the fabrics....

I thought I might hang them all
in a little row on the wall from a branch...

...I'll have to just wait
and see which wall spaces might need
a bit of nest art when I move!

I am off to do the Netball run
and a load of treasures
to the new house!

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the gorgeous Courney's


Happy Weekend
lovely ladies!