Mrs Tiff creatively

Thursday, April 21, 2011

~ Easter Cookie Pops! ~

You know how I love
to bake cookie pops....

well....I decided to give them
as gifts this year instead of
chocolate Easter eggs...

I baked my cookie pops
as usual (see HERE)
and got busy with the decorations....

I used storebought fondant
(Coles or Woolies has it)
and cut bunny shapes
before colouring it to make tails
and coloured bunnies....

I used an icing pen
to dot on some eyes....

I set up the children with the
leftover fondant (like I do at Christmas!)
and they created all sorts of
special Easter decorations...

they love to play with the fondant,
and this would be suitable for
children of all ages....

I iced my cookie pops,
decorated them,
then sprinkled them with sanding sugar.

I also used some chics
I bought at the cake decorating store.

Then I packaged them
ready to post to my family!

The children made these love bunnies
for their Grandma!

What a cute Easter chick!

I have to thank my lovely friend
Kim who saves me boxes...
see Kim, I did put them to good use!

I hope you also get a chance
to do some Easter baking!