Mrs Tiff creatively

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

~ Giveaway Winners! ~

It's my bloggy birthday!

YAY! celebrate celebrate I picked
a winner of my Union Jack Cushion giveaway....

the name I pulled out....
was the lovely Jenni
(from Belle & Sparrow.....
Beautiful Nest)

but I really wanted to celebrate
with a few more pressies....

so I looked down into my
handmade gift box...
 (gifts that I make then I
save up for special friends)

and found a pretty
pink rose adjustable ring....

along with a pretty
Tree of Life trinket box....

so I pulled another name out!

It was the gorgeous Sarah B!

What fun!

...I couldn't stop there!

so I dug out three sets of my girlie gift tags....

and I pulled out a few more names...

....a set for Thea!

..... a set for Chris L!

and finally....
a set for the super sweet Pam!

Thank you everyone who leave
such lovely, kind comments
and for all your bloggy support!

If my wonderful winners
could email me their addresses,
ladies I will pop your goodies
in the post!

....I am a bit excited my cushion
is flying off on an adventure to the US!