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Friday, April 15, 2011

~ The Key to Getting Cozy ~

Well my lovely friends,
I am finally in my new home........

I have unpacked
lots of boxes...

but there are many more
still to go.....

I have uncovered lots
of my special treasures......

and warmed up the bare walls
(I haven't even started
hanging pictures yet)
with the dancing shadows of
my gorgeous lamps,
and scented candles........

you may notice that my
linen birds have a new home
for now too...
(you'll see why very soon!)

I am beyond exhausted...

and we don't have a proper
internet connection,
or a very good wireless signal,
and there is so much still to do.......

yet I am extremely contented......

because I know that it doesn't
really matter where I might be,
or what treasures I have around me.......
the key to a cozy home
is just having my family with me!

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French Country Cottage

Happy Weekend!