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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

~ A Ruffle Bag & A Gorgeous Gift

I am still amazed .....

but I actually made myself
a pretty ruffle bag!

I finished off with a
big button to secure it!

The lining even makes my
heart sing!
Sooooo pretty!

Last week I got a wonderful surprise.....
you may know by now
that I love to make things for my friends....
and I am often spoiled in return in many different
ways, but it is not that often someone
makes something handmade.....

so you can imagine my delight when
I saw this gorgeous gift on my desk last week!
It was from my sweet workmate and
blogging friend the lovely Jac from

Did you notice that the beautiful yoyo flowers are
the same as the lining on my ruffle bag?!

and how cute are the little bows?!!!!

Have you guessed what it is for?

It is a bag to store my work laptop!

It puts a smile on my face every
time I take out my laptop!
Which is great because it is
nice to start work in a good mood!!!!

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Thanks Jami!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

~ Fabulously French ~

I wonder what it is about
all things French?

I was thinking about
the choices I make about 
fabrics, colours and styles of
my homewares and craft....

and I got to wondering
why I can't resist all things French?

They do have a wonderfully iconic tower.....

and I really love the shape of
a fleur de lis....

my favourite stamps are my
vintage French labels and postmarks...

and they do tend to end up on everything!
From the living room...

to the bathroom.....
even on the soap dispensers!

The lamps haven't escaped them either!

In fact, when I think about it....

there is a little bit of French
influence in every room!

I think that there is something special
about the French.....
they have incredible style
from the gorgeous simplicity of the
French counrty to the
iconic Parisian glamour....

It is certainly an exciting place to visit!
Perhaps that is why I love to
include a little bit of French chic
in my very own home........

it is probably best not to bother wondering...
and just embrace the inevitable!!!!

Are you ever so slightly
influenced by the French too?!

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Paris-Simply Irresistible party at

Happy weekend dear friends!


(My English mother in law
is going to be bewildered by this post!
I am going to have to make her
another Union Jack Cushion
to prove I am equally in love with all the
British icons too!)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

~ The Versitile Blogger Award ~

I was so thrilled that the
gorgeous Linda from d e l i g h t
thought of me for this award.....

She has the most gorgeous blog
and I find her so inspirational!

Thanks Linda,
for my very first award!

The  guidelines of accepting the award are as follows:
   1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back  to them.                         
   2. Tell 7 things about yourself.
   3. Pay it forward and award the Versatile Blogger to your recently discovered new blogger's

So I am going to share seven things about myself......

* I grew up in the sun, so I can't stand the cold

I am the little one!

* I love finding new vintage treasures

*  I hate jelly, all kind of jelly (that is jello to my US friends)
* I love to bake, but almost never eat what I make

* I think clowns are creepy
* I love family holidays...even in the cold

* I love to sew... & sew..... & sew

Now I have to pass the award forward....

I have chosen a couple of bloggers
who may not be new,
but are very inspirational.....

The wonderful Pam from
Bayside Rose

and the sweet Deb from
Let's go Moerkabout!

as well as the lovely Jem from
Beautiful Clutter

Thanks for being so inspirational ladies!


Friday, May 20, 2011

~ Union Jack Mixed Media Canvas ~

I needed a little something
for the wall in my new bedroom....

and I had a canvas in the garage,
and a current infatuation for
the iconic Union Jack design....
so putting all that together along with a big
dose of love for the gorgeous shabby
Union Jack images on the net....
This is what I did......

I prepared the canvas, by giving it an undercoat,
(because it was green from another project!)
then painted it with a mix of
French blue and modelling
compound medium for painting.
I spread it on thickly and let it dry.
Next I painted the surface randomly with
my favourite Porters Oyster white acrylic.
After it dried it looked weathered
and cracked, as you can see.

Then I tore calico into 10cm strips.
The edges stayed frayed and shabby...
just how I like them!

I used a lace that I found at
a charity shop for the
vertical & horizontal stripes.

I tore 2cm strips a of a floral fabric for the diagonals.
Then I sewed these to my calico stripes,
but you could easily glue them
on instead, in the next step, if you don't sew,
or couldn't be bothered to!

After that I just  glued them
onto my prepared canvas!

I wasn't precious about the glue,
I just smeared it on!

I loved the contrast of the
shabby canvas and the fabric!

I wanted to make it a bit more personal....
so I dug out my machine embroidery foot and
dusted off an old skill....
and proceeded to embroider a heart,
monogrammed with Mr Tiff and myself's
first initial. Then I cut out the heart
and fringed around the edges.

This is a close up....
(You could easily use a
heart doily instead.)

I felt a little bit of bling couldn't hurt
so I topped the heart off with a
charity shop clip on earing!!!!

So I added the embroidered heart
to the canvas.....

with modge podge...

and then it looked like this:

I was very excited when I finally
hung it in my bedroom!

It looks perfect in the space
above the bed!

I could tell that Mr Tiff
was not that thrilled with it
as he saw it coming together....

But after I had hung it,
he came around!

I also want to show you
my new timber floors,
they are so lovely.

They are a European white washed oak,
and absolutely make the space.... 

My bedroom is my favourite room,
it feels like an airy loft room,
especially with the balcony doors open,
it is peaceful and tranquil,
wth muted colours and natural textures....

the light reflects beautifully
in all the mirrors...

Mr Tiff brings me a cup of tea
up every morning in a pretty china cup.
I sip it in bed or as I am
getting ready for school.

I count my blessings every day.
I know how lucky I am.

I hope you are a bit
inspired by this project,
it was so easy,
and the result is wonderful!
I have already done some mini
versions to give as gifts!

Happy Weekend!


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