Mrs Tiff creatively

Sunday, May 15, 2011

~ Coffee & Sweet Music ~

I love both.

Especially together!

I had an old music book I bought
at a charity store and it looked old.
But not old enough.
So I gave it my special coffee treatment....

So I made a plunger of freshly
ground coffee and poured it in an old
baking tray. I then submerged the sheets
lovingly, one by one.
(I use this method with all sorts of paper & card
for craft and altered art projects.)

I dried them on another old baking tray
in the oven which was conveniently
on because Miss Tiff was making cupcakes.
(She did get a bit cross with me though
because I kept opening the oven
door every few minutes to turn,
 then remove, the dried music sheets!)

And then.....

I had a lovely stack of crinkly,
aged music sheets, begging to be tied
in lace ribbon and embelished with an
old charity shop brooch from my stash.

Oh such sweet, sweet music!

I couldn't resist playing around
and taking some photos...

Actually I took loads and loads,
but will only subject you to these!

That pretty lace ruffle is one I got
from Felicity's on Mt Tamborine.

My music sheets looked lovely with
one of my Paris gift tags and
would make a nice gift....
only I love them too much to part with them!

I then had to make myself a coffee because the
delicious coffee smell was just too tempting!

I am home today as I have two sick children
lying in front of the TV... I should do something
constructive but I am feeling a bit flu-ish
myself and not very energetic!
I may just pick up a book and join them.

This last picture is for my gorgeous friend Kim,
who I just don't see enough of, due to our busy lives....
I bought this spool in her Brisbane (Camp Hill) store
Kim & Judi. I thought you might like to see
what I did with it, my dear friend!
When I got it home I spent some time
winding my jute twine around it and was delighted
my scissors fitted in the hole so well!

Happy week bloggy friends!