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Friday, May 13, 2011

~ Delightful Dining ~

Just before we moved into our new home
I took the chance to make over our dining table....

..... it is a big country style table
made from recycled timber
floorboards and it has sat out on
our deck for the last 12 years.....
so it looked like this:

The wood was weathered
and grey, but it was still as
sturdy as the day we bought it.
I will never forget how the man
who sold it to us demonstrated it's
strength by climbing on top
of it and jumping up and down...
(you don't get that at Ikea!)

We have sanded it and re-varnished it
several times over the years, but I had
something else in mind this time.....
and yes, it involved Porter's Oyster White!

I did the usual...
more sanding,

The 8 dining chairs too.
(Needless to say it was a feat
of endurance, but I was determined!!!!)

And my efforts were well rewarded!
My dining table now is prettier than
they day we bought it!

I couldn't be happier with it.
It is the perfect mixture of
wood & whites.

The perfect place to show off my treasures.

The perfect place to share
home cooked meals.

The perfect place to draw,
paint and play.

Our dining table is 15 years old,
and has supported the family though
many years of happy meals.
I think it is now definately ready
to see us through the next 15 years too!

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