Mrs Tiff creatively

Saturday, May 28, 2011

~ Fabulously French ~

I wonder what it is about
all things French?

I was thinking about
the choices I make about 
fabrics, colours and styles of
my homewares and craft....

and I got to wondering
why I can't resist all things French?

They do have a wonderfully iconic tower.....

and I really love the shape of
a fleur de lis....

my favourite stamps are my
vintage French labels and postmarks...

and they do tend to end up on everything!
From the living room...

to the bathroom.....
even on the soap dispensers!

The lamps haven't escaped them either!

In fact, when I think about it....

there is a little bit of French
influence in every room!

I think that there is something special
about the French.....
they have incredible style
from the gorgeous simplicity of the
French counrty to the
iconic Parisian glamour....

It is certainly an exciting place to visit!
Perhaps that is why I love to
include a little bit of French chic
in my very own home........

it is probably best not to bother wondering...
and just embrace the inevitable!!!!

Are you ever so slightly
influenced by the French too?!

Today I am linking to Anita's
Paris-Simply Irresistible party at

Happy weekend dear friends!


(My English mother in law
is going to be bewildered by this post!
I am going to have to make her
another Union Jack Cushion
to prove I am equally in love with all the
British icons too!)