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Friday, June 10, 2011

~ Tea Cup Tribute ~

Sadly I broke one of my favourite
vintage tea cups a few days ago.....

It got knocked to the floor 
while innocently draining...
(after being washed) 
by a big bully
(a wooden chopping board)!

I found these photos that
I took at Easter so I thought
I'd pay tribute to a pretty,
comforting tea cup friend!

The lovely Royal Albert Lady Carlyle
was a delight to use, so I have no regrets...
I use all my tea cups and if tragedy strikes....

 I have the perfect excuse to buy another one...
which I have, I will show you when it arrives!
plus .....
I have seen a couple of
Lady Carlyle replacements on ebay....
(so wish me luck on my bidding!!!!)

I have a terrible flu
and have not been
able to manage much this week,
hopefully the long weekend
(Queen's Birthday here in Australia)
to revive me!

Today I am linking to the
Pink Saturday Party at:

How Sweet The Sound

So ....  Happy Pink Saturday !!!!