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Saturday, July 30, 2011

~ Birthday Flowers ~

I had a birthday this week....
I turned the big
4  0  ...

I got totally spoiled....

Mr Tiff bought me my dream camera...

and I got the most gorgeous flowers,

so I had to test drive my new macro lens....

~ * ~

can you hear my excitement from there???!!!

I played with the settings...

I am pleased with my first attemps
with the auto turned off!!!

~ * ~

I got overwhelmed with
so many gorgeous gifts
from my lovely friends and workmates
(thanks, you beautiful people!)
and I am going to test out my camera
and take some pictures of them
to share very soon...
but I had to show these
pretty pretty flowers today!

Also, I have to tell you a sweet story...
one of my students bought
me some of these glorious blooms,
and later when I also thanked his mum,
she told me he bought it
with his pocket money with
no prompting from her...
doesn't that just make you heart sing?!
I told him that he was real gentleman!!!

I am out to a surprise birthday lunch
with girl friends ...
don't know where I am going....
more excitment!

Happy weekend!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

~ Cath Kidston Pencil Case ~

I needed a new pencil case...

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

I'll find any excuse to sew!!!

Hope you had a lovely weekend,
we had a big family birthday (21st)
to celebrate and I am pleasantly
sun kissed after sitting in the sun
reading & watching
the kids fish today.........

I bought The Crafty Minx
yesterday and have almost
finished it, and I have to say
I am enjoying it, although
the ideas are not totally new to
me, the pictures are lovely.

Have a wonderful week!


Today I am linking to the wonderful
Air Your Laundry Party
at Freckled Laundry.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

~ A London Undergound Magnetic Pinboard ~

For Mr Tiff's office.....

I bought this great piece of Cavallini
wrapping paper and decided to make
a magnetic pinboard.

I bought some galvanised metal from
Mitre 10 & cut it to size.
I also added some wire to the back with
pot rivets, although next time
I will do it differently
because they do leave little bumps,
but it did work.

Then I sprayed the metal with some
Hammered Rust paint because
I knew I wanted to shabby up the edges.

I glued the paper to the metal sheet
with modge then gave it a coat to seal it.

When it was dry I sanded back around the edges.

It looks great up in the office!
I have some special magnets planned
to go with it but haven't made them yet!

Hope your weekend has been fun.
I am only just starting to feel better,
and motivated enough
to finish a few projects....
hopefully I can get back
to normal this week!

Hope you have a great week!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

~ Pretty in Pink ~

Who said souvenirs are tacky?

some might say this one is....
but not me!

It was love at first sight!!!!

My gorgeous and
very clever friend
Linda even guessed
which shop in Hastings St
I bought it from...
it was from Lamington
(down the Sheraton end of the street)
and needless to say that is
now on my list of favourite shops!

Can you just see me sewing up a storm
with this little beauty?!

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

I think the fine-o-meter
should be way higher
don't you!

I am not familiar with the
brand so if you know anything
about it please let me know!

Sadly, when I got back from Noosa
I got very sick again...silly me!
But my spirits were lifted by a day
out with my vintage besties
(Heeeee Heeeeee!)
lunching in Brisbane at the
The Cottage Garden Nursery
and visiting the WAC!

Also a night at the football
with family and friends
last night also lifted the spirits....
just in time to go
back to work tomorrow!

Have a great week dear friends!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

~ Noosa Escape ~

Even in winter.....

Noosa Heads beach is perfect!

Lazy days....

soaking up the sun,

walks along the beach....

enjoying the stunning sights!

We had perfect weather,

we didn't miss the
Eumundi markets either!

OR sunset meals right on the water
at the Surf & Sailing Clubs,

we loved every minute of it!

Plus ...
I brought home a souvenir that
you are just NOT going to believe!
I can't wait to show you....
I bet no one else has ever
got one like it in Noosa,
especially in Hastings Street!
(I do like to be an individual!)
Are you curious? Heee Heee!
I have some photos to take
and they can't be rushed!

Hope you are having a
happy holiday too!