Mrs Tiff creatively

Sunday, July 10, 2011

~ Pretty in Pink ~

Who said souvenirs are tacky?

some might say this one is....
but not me!

It was love at first sight!!!!

My gorgeous and
very clever friend
Linda even guessed
which shop in Hastings St
I bought it from...
it was from Lamington
(down the Sheraton end of the street)
and needless to say that is
now on my list of favourite shops!

Can you just see me sewing up a storm
with this little beauty?!

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

I think the fine-o-meter
should be way higher
don't you!

I am not familiar with the
brand so if you know anything
about it please let me know!

Sadly, when I got back from Noosa
I got very sick again...silly me!
But my spirits were lifted by a day
out with my vintage besties
(Heeeee Heeeeee!)
lunching in Brisbane at the
The Cottage Garden Nursery
and visiting the WAC!

Also a night at the football
with family and friends
last night also lifted the spirits....
just in time to go
back to work tomorrow!

Have a great week dear friends!