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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~ Pineapple Cake for Afternoon Tea ~

I have a few little things to
share with you today
with some afternoon tea...

I baked a Pinapple and Coconut Cake,

and made a cup of tea
in a pretty china tea cup...

that I found a couple of
weeks ago in a thrift shop....

isn't it sweet!

but I am most excited to
show you this pretty pink
perfumed Hybrid Tea Rose....
because it is from my very own garden!!!!
I have just had some glorious blooms
from the bare rooted roses I planted
when we moved into our new house
a few months ago!

So happy afternoon tea
dear friends!

PS: Thanks for your sweet comments
on my efforts to master drilling china,
a few of you were wondering where I
got the stem to hold the tiered cake stand
together, so I wanted to let you know that
I got the one in the photo from a UK ebay
store but have recently ordered more from
an etsy store called Tea Time Creations,
I'll let you know what they are
like when they arrive!


Friday, August 26, 2011

~ Cake Stand Success! ~

Last weekend I got around to
a little project I have
been wanting to try for ages....

...making my own three tiered cake stand!

I found these plates at a charity store....
because I didn't want to be emotianally
attached if they broke...

and (although not pictured)
also because there were four of them....
one was crazed and beyond help
perfect for experimentation!

I undertook this whole process first
with my experimental plate
and it worked perfectly
so I thought I'd take some
pictures to share what I learned....

I taped the top and bottom of
the plate with masking tape,
and sat it right way up on a
piece of packing foam.


I measured and marked the centre
which was perhaps the trickiest part,



I poured water into the upturned plate
to keep the plate cool and
I started to drill slowly and carefully.
Then I got a bit more confident and sped up slightly.


First I used a 3mm glass and tile drill bit
(which I got from Mitre 10)
then I swapped to a 5mm bit
and drilled each hole again to enlarge
it to the size I wanted.
It was SO much easier than I imagined!

It worked perfectly!


Now I fear for all the plates in my collection!!!

 Ha! Not really...
but my mind is ticking
over with lots of possibilities!
I hope the sun shines on you
and you have a
happy weekend!


Monday, August 22, 2011

~ Tea Trolly Makeover ~

I saw this cute little trolly
in a second hand shop
on Saturday for a mere $30
so I snapped it up.....

because I knew with
a little TLP
(tender loving painting!)
it would be perfect
for my next tea party...

I sanded, undercoated and
painted with my favourite colour....
Porters Oyster White.

I sanded back the edges to
shabby them up a little...

then I set up for afternoon tea....

luckily I had been
baking & made some
musk meringues..

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

afternoon tea anyone?


Today I am also joining
the gorgeous Sandi
at Rose Chinz Cottage


Friday, August 19, 2011

~ Cool app Review #2 ~

Guess what you can get on iPad now.....

~ * ~

(British Edition)


and you know what else.....

oh yeah....

as well as all the back issues...
(approx $8)



and dangerous!!!!!
all the online stores and etsy items
 are hyperlinked!!!!
(so are the profiled artist's blogs!)

The app is called Zinio
and the magazines are great!
Best of all is the accessibilty
of the international mags that are
hard to get here sometimes!

The iphone version is coming
but the pictures would be small...
the app reviews aren't that good in itunes
but I have had no problems.
The only minor issue with Mollie Makes
is that I need to get on the PC
to download the templates and patterns for the
projects, but that is a small price to pay....
and it is the same with Martha Stewart Living.

You all know how much I
love paper, but this really is fantastic
because my magazine collection
just gets ridiciously out of hand....

Happy weekend!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

~ Sweet Treat ~

....for a sweet friend's birthday....

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

.... I think my creative mojo is starting
to come back....
I feel slightly more enthusiastic
and energised....

despite sleeping at school
in the hall, with about 80 students...
at our annual Year 3 Sleepover!
The children were fantastic
and they slept really well,
but I couldn't!!!
...needing to keep an eye on them
(remember having a newborn?)
it feels like that x80!
I got home yesterday morning,
had a bubblebath and a four hour sleep!

Today I am recharged!!!
I made pikelets for breakfast,
danish scrolls with some puff pastry
fruit and nuts and I am about
to hit my sewing machine...
even though there is some
washing and groceries to do...

Happy weekend
dear friends!
I am about to come visit and
check up on your activites!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

~ Gone Fishing ~

After weeks of fishing in the pool,
with a stick and some wool....
we relented and bought Master Tiff
his own fishing rod and a tackle box,
and have spent some lazy days fishing....

Today we went to Paradise Point.....

.....hard to belive that it is
Winter here isn't it?!

~ * ~

~ * ~

Today's catch.....

was photographed and released....

~ * ~

Just like the first two little brim
caught a couple of weeks ago....

which caused great excitement!!!!


As for me.....
I take embroidery or a book
and feel contented to watch
as I soak up the sun.

I am still recharging my batteries
after the worst flu season
I have ever had!

I am starting to feel better again
and have a bit more motivation...
I am really looking forward to Spring!

Hope you had a lovely weekend too!