Mrs Tiff creatively

Friday, August 26, 2011

~ Cake Stand Success! ~

Last weekend I got around to
a little project I have
been wanting to try for ages....

...making my own three tiered cake stand!

I found these plates at a charity store....
because I didn't want to be emotianally
attached if they broke...

and (although not pictured)
also because there were four of them....
one was crazed and beyond help
perfect for experimentation!

I undertook this whole process first
with my experimental plate
and it worked perfectly
so I thought I'd take some
pictures to share what I learned....

I taped the top and bottom of
the plate with masking tape,
and sat it right way up on a
piece of packing foam.


I measured and marked the centre
which was perhaps the trickiest part,



I poured water into the upturned plate
to keep the plate cool and
I started to drill slowly and carefully.
Then I got a bit more confident and sped up slightly.


First I used a 3mm glass and tile drill bit
(which I got from Mitre 10)
then I swapped to a 5mm bit
and drilled each hole again to enlarge
it to the size I wanted.
It was SO much easier than I imagined!

It worked perfectly!


Now I fear for all the plates in my collection!!!

 Ha! Not really...
but my mind is ticking
over with lots of possibilities!
I hope the sun shines on you
and you have a
happy weekend!