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Friday, August 19, 2011

~ Cool app Review #2 ~

Guess what you can get on iPad now.....

~ * ~

(British Edition)


and you know what else.....

oh yeah....

as well as all the back issues...
(approx $8)



and dangerous!!!!!
all the online stores and etsy items
 are hyperlinked!!!!
(so are the profiled artist's blogs!)

The app is called Zinio
and the magazines are great!
Best of all is the accessibilty
of the international mags that are
hard to get here sometimes!

The iphone version is coming
but the pictures would be small...
the app reviews aren't that good in itunes
but I have had no problems.
The only minor issue with Mollie Makes
is that I need to get on the PC
to download the templates and patterns for the
projects, but that is a small price to pay....
and it is the same with Martha Stewart Living.

You all know how much I
love paper, but this really is fantastic
because my magazine collection
just gets ridiciously out of hand....

Happy weekend!