Mrs Tiff creatively

Saturday, August 6, 2011

~ Gone Fishing ~

After weeks of fishing in the pool,
with a stick and some wool....
we relented and bought Master Tiff
his own fishing rod and a tackle box,
and have spent some lazy days fishing....

Today we went to Paradise Point.....

.....hard to belive that it is
Winter here isn't it?!

~ * ~

~ * ~

Today's catch.....

was photographed and released....

~ * ~

Just like the first two little brim
caught a couple of weeks ago....

which caused great excitement!!!!


As for me.....
I take embroidery or a book
and feel contented to watch
as I soak up the sun.

I am still recharging my batteries
after the worst flu season
I have ever had!

I am starting to feel better again
and have a bit more motivation...
I am really looking forward to Spring!

Hope you had a lovely weekend too!