Mrs Tiff creatively

Thursday, September 29, 2011

~ Repurposed Glass Cakestands & Rose Macaroons ~

I love old glass... 

~ * ~

I am always finding pieces
in charity stores and I can't resist them...

especially when I had seen this
project that I wanted to try...

I used a crystal candle holder,
a small glass and two glass plates.....
 along with some strong, clear glue.

so simple....

and perfect to display some
sweet treats!

I just bought a new baking tray
for little macaroons & whoopie pies.
My first attempt at macaroons....

turned out ok...
but I definately need some practice!

my little pink freckles
weren't quite perfect either,
but they tasted good!

I am in the last days of my holidays
so I am making the most of each moment!

Happy weekend!


PS: I am joining the fabulous
at French Country Cottage!

Thanks Courtney!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

~ Happy about Hippeastrums ~

I just love Spring.....

especially when beauties
like these POP up from the garden!

~ * ~

~ * ~

I couldn't help cutting some to
bring some happy colour inside!!!!

~ * ~

finding these lovelies in my
garden was an especially
sweet surprise...
not just because I didn't plant them,

but also because when I moved earlier
this year I couldn't bring
myself to dig up my established bulbs...
I left them for the new owners to enjoy....

it must be my good karma
coming back to me!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

~ Repurposed Silverware ~

I just love the school holidays!

Time to go treasure hunting,
& play house!

....I have just re styled the
downstairs powder room.....

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

~ * ~

I found some silverware at
a junk store and thanks to a little 
inspiration from Rediscovered Treasures
(recently reviewed by my gorgeous
bloggy friend Linda...
I knew I would love it if she did!!!)

A bit of blackboard paint for
one tray and I had a
perfect message board,
a clean and some stick on hooks
(back of tray & wall)
and I also had the perfect
magnetic board to display my in~laws
wedding photo & some home made
magnetic blackboard hearts...
finally some doublesided mounting tape
& I had a new candleholder too...

Mr Tiff did get a surprise
when he got home....
but seemed happy enough......

Off to do some more relaxing....
happy week!

PS Today I am linking to
the gorgeous Courtney at
French Country Cottage for


Monday, September 12, 2011

~ Sew Sunny Rose Embroidery ~

One sunny day last holidays
I started a little embroidery project....

I took it to the beach....

and stitched as the children
fished and played...

it took a bit longer to complete
than I anticipated....

but I finally got it done...
and sewn into a cushion
as per my Sew Sunny Homestyle

I have never made a
cushion like it....

but I will try another
similar in style....

I also made some little heart shaped
lavender pillows for gifts.....

embelished with some
shabby roses and buttons....

sew pretty!

They smell gorgeous too!

I am really really
looking forward to the school holidays....

Only four more days of
school left this term!

I CAN make it!!!!

Happy week dear friends!!!