Mrs Tiff creatively

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

~ Sweet Treats! ~

A new book....

a new adventure!

When I saw these moustache lollie pops....
I knew we had to give them a go!!!!

I ordered the mold from ebay
and it arrived on Friday....

ready for a Miss Tiff
Sunday afternoon cooking session!

She followed the instructions
in the book carefully.
The peanut butter filling needed
wizzing in a blender
but was very easy to make.

Miss Tiff made the whole batch
herself without any help from me.....

 Then enjoyed a few moustache poses ......

before devouring the yummy treat!!!!

Won't these be fun at my next tea party?!!!
We can't wait to try some
of the other recipies,
they look just as yummy
and just as much FUN!!!

Happy week!