Mrs Tiff creatively

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

~ Vintage Button....Cookies! ~

How could you resist?!

Vanilla & Rose Butter Button Cookies....
I have been inspired once again
by my new book Sweet Treats!

The mixture was so easy to make.
I beat all the ingredients
up in the mix master,
then I divided the dough in two parts.
I put half in the fridge in cling wrap
and kneaded rose essence
& pink colouring
into the other half before
putting that half in the fridge to chill too.

The only circle shape I could find
(the size I wanted) was one of the
children's medicine cups,
so I used that to cut the circles.
Which shows you don't
even need a special cutter!

I then pressed a smaller circle
onto the cookie with a smaller cutter.
Next I used a meat skewer to
press 'button' holes in the cookies.......

While they were cooking
I cut up some vintage button cards
that I bought on etsy as a digital sheet
(which I then cropped) and enlarged.

I also made up some of my own
button cards using scrapbooking paper
and my Cath Kidson &
French General Label stickers
(both available from Fishpond).

I 'sewed' the buttons on the cards
using a thin silver metalic cord.

I found it easiest to poke the holes
with a needle first, then the skewer,
to make the holes big. Then the needle
& thread could get through easily.
I taped the thread at the back
to hold it in place.

Sorry about the glare on this picture!
It was one of the only ones
I took of the little buttons I made too!

These vintage button cookies
were so cute and the perfect treat
for my gorgeous friends
that I was meeting for Sunday lunch!!!!

I think these sweet treats are going to feature
heavily in my Christmas gift giving
this year!

I have had a little bloggy break ....
I have been very sick again,
silly me, and at school it is assessment
and reporting time of the year...
so I am battling to keep on top of things!

Hope you are feeling fit
and healthy and full of energy!!!!

Happy Week!!!


PS: I have to say a HUGE
thank you to my dear friend
for hosting the most devine
lunch in her gorgeous home....
The food was delicious,
the setting was stunning
and the company was perfect.
Simone (Beach Vintage) took
some lovely pictures &
so did Linda (Linda Lilly Cottage)
 if you want to take a peek!