Mrs Tiff creatively

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

~ Shabby Gingerbread Cottage ~

This year we had some gingerbread success....
where we have failed in the past....

I bought a gingerbread cookie cutter set
from Pillow Talk.

It made the job so easy!

They meant that all the
parts were the correct size....

Also we could easily add windows.

I have made several houses now
and I learned it was better to not put
too much baking soda in the mix
 (I took it out altogether).
I also followed the kit advice
and cut the windows but left the 
dough in place until it was cooked,
then I re-cut them and they
pulled out neatly.
I also figured it was best to roll
and cut the pieces on baking paper
on the bench before sliding them
onto a baking tray.
Plus I let the pieces cool
totally before construction.
I always let the walls sit and
set before doing the roof
and they seem to hold well.

Long as you make a good stiff royal icing...
I love to make mine peppermint!

Then you can go to town with the decorating!!!

I usually use chocolate
freckles for the roof,
but wanted to use white ones
for my shabby ginger hut
so I melted white chocolate
and made my own white freckles!
(That and the fact the lolly shop
wanted $9 for a bag of them!)

I let the kids decorate,
Miss Tiff decorated this one.

She is getting very handy with
a piping gun!

I love the lolly snowman she
put on this gingerbread house!

I bought the board it is sitting on
at Spotlight for $3.50.
I gave a few of these houses for
Christmas gifts and I think
they are great value
as well as being a yummy treat!

All I can say is thanks to our
new cookie cutters
 gingerbread house
production has been a fun filled
(any excuse to sneak lollies)
activity for all the family!!!

Happy week,
only a few sleeps
until the big day now!