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Monday, February 28, 2011

~ Vintage Vogue Pattern Bookmarks ~

These bookmarks are just too cute....

and they are so easy...

it is the paper that makes these so lovely...

I simply cut them to size
and punched a hole at the top...

then I tied a piece of fabric measuring
tape ribbon through each hole...

the paper is double sided so
the back is just as pretty!

It is amazing that something
 as simple as a lovely bookmark....
can just brighten your day.

I hope you are having a
happy Monday....


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

~ Hanging Out in Style ~

I have a quick and easy project for you.........

French Stlye Wooden Clothes Hangers!

I came across these plain white
wooden hangers in a cheapie outlet store with the
inevitable silver wire hook part....

 there were four in a pack for around $5...

 I thought they would be just fabulous.....
with bit of modification.....

and I was right!
... after I sprayed the silver wire hooks white
and stamped on some French style
labels using my clear cling on French label stamps
and staz on ink....

so pretty....
for hanging that special something...
or perhaps to put a favourite garment on display?

AND I think they would make great gifts too!

I am still getting over how well
these turned out!

PS ....
a huge thanks to the devine Jenni
for including me in her post at
Belle & Sparrow (A Beautiful Nest)
along side the gorgeous Tina & Mandy!
I love all your amazing projects ladies...
 you are all just so inspiring!


Friday, February 18, 2011

~ Union Jack Inspired Heart Pin Cushion ~

yes, more hearts .....

you know, when I get a theme going....
I find it hard to stop!!!!

I really wanted a new pin cushion
and as I had the felt out....
I thought I'd make one inspired
by the Union Jack design.

I made a paper pattern
 & cut two navy hearts.
I cut some strips of cream felt
& sewed red rick rack
down the centre.
Next I pinned and sewed the
cream felt down on the top heart.
I partially sewed around the edges,
of the two hearts,
leaving room for stuffing,
then I followed the
stitching to sew it closed.

The great thing about felt
is that it doesn't frey,
so you can leave the edges raw.

These would look great as
fabric charms too I think!

I can already think of a couple
of friends who would love this design!

Happy Weekend!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

~ Fabric Heart Charms ~

... to charm my friends.....

I mentioned that I went
a little heart crazy....
well, after I had such success
with my heart cushions
I thought I might make some little
fabric hearts to give
some friends at work....

I started with this one,
mainly to use up those
little left over bits of fabric
that I couldn't bear to throw out!
So this one is from an
upcycled tablecloth.....

I made this from the remnants
of the teatowel cushion
with a black chiffon rose
(the picture doesn't do
it justice - it's really pretty)

then I thought how nice
felt hearts would be....

and how I should see if my fabric
iron on transfers would work on felt
- turns out they do!
this one is for a coffee loving friend!

I was really pleased
with how these turned out,
I added some little ball chains 
so they can be hung decoratively from
anything you like...
 now I have had loads of ideas
for some different fabric charms....

I think they make nice little gifts...


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~ Hearts for the Teachers ~

I went a little heart crazy last week...

while thinking about
the perfect hand made gift
for the childrens' teachers
I hit upon making them some
heart shaped cushions...
they are a constant favourite of mine...
(there is a tutorial HERE...)

for my son's teacher
I decided to go with colours
I knew she had at home...
 and I had just bought new
tea towels and the fabric looked perfect...
so I made her cushion out
of a tea towel (never used I promise!)
and I added a gorgeous fabric patch
I bought a while back on etsy.
She lived in London for a while so
I thought it would be special to her.

For my daughter's teacher...
I used a beautiful seersucker tablecloth
(which I actually bought to make bunting out of)
that I had found recently
at a charity store......

to this one I added a vintage doily
and a pretty chiffon rose...

I was so thrilled with I
cut out a few more and
I still have enough fabric
to make bunting!

I had a lovely surprise yesterday too....
I found out I am one of the lucky
ones to be going to Simone's
flood relief thank you luncheon!
I am really delighted to be meeting
the lovely ladies Simone and Jody,
and seeing your gorgeous
home in person, Simone.

I am so in awe of the
fantastic work that they did...
 to get together those dontations
 and distribute them so very well...
You have worked so hard girls, 
I feel like we should be cooking
for you, not the other way round!


Friday, February 11, 2011

~ Sweet Felt Valentine Message Pockets ~

I was inspired by
Charlie's (Attempting Aloha) 
Valentines stockings
when she guest blogged at
I thought it was a fun and sweet idea
to hang little pockets to put
messages of love to each of
 the family members on
Valentines Day....

I love felt (and always have plenty in my stash)
so I thought I'd make some hearts from felt....

I made a heart pattern
to the size I wanted
& cut two hearts per person....

I ironed visa-fix to the back
of some white felt and cut
out the first letter of
each of our names
and ironed them on.
Miss Tiff got a little T and
I made mine a bit bigger.

I top stitched around
the edges of the letters
and the top curves of the
top heart only....
sowhen I then sewed
them to the bottom
heart, the top stitching would
go around the entire border.

I found some pretty flowers
& felt ribbon....
(from Frog Feathers on etsy)
also in my stash already....

I hand sewed on the flowers
for us girls and buttons for the boys.

Then I sewed on some of
the pink velvet ribbon
for hanging them.

My first attempt at hanging
was a bit disppointing
as they gaped terribly.
So I took them down,
used my heart pattern to cut
some sturdy iron on interfacing
(I should have read Jodie's
~ The Haby Godess ~
post about stabilisers sooner!)
and I popped a small velcro sticky
dot at the base of each v in
the inside of the hearts.

That worked perfectly!
When I re-hung them
they sat beautifully!

Now they are ready to recieve
messages of love to one another!
 I thought I might make some
little love notes for us to write on too...

Happy Weekend Crafting!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

~ Accidental Owl ~

Luckily I love owl softies....

because when I unpacked my machine....
and got my itchy fingers sewing....
I meant to get a head start on Easter
& make a baby chick softie!


Each loving family member
offering some support as they passed me
sewing said how much they liked my owl.....

so here is how I made my
accidental owl softie!

I started with an oval shape x2...

I cut a circle of material
which I had already backed
with some visa fix
for the face....

then I cut my wings and legs (x2) ...

I then cut white & mustard
oval eyes....

before checking all
the bits worked out together....

and stitching all
the face pieces in place....

I tucked in all the parts and
put right sides together....

before stitching
and trimming the insides....
I left a gap for stuffing,
then ironed and top stiched.

What a sweet little accident!

I will have to go looking for some images
of Easter chicks ...

but for now I will just enjoy my lovely
little Ollie Owls!

Happy Sewing!